While those thoughts arent unwarranted, he has done a lot of dumb-funny …

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You continue to dwell on this for a moment longer before you decide that perhaps youve come to some sort of conclusion about the celebrities. You have made a decision about the matter regardless though, one that is far less satisfying than a career in acting would be. You are going to kill them in the name of something else. You decide on murdering them for their drugs money. You enter your home and immediately think back on the last time you were able to acquire drugs without fear of being detected. It was also the day of your graduation from high school and you were so relieved to not have been caught while you were snorting whatever drugs your peers and the other high schoolers were smoking that night. You kill them for drugs moneyJust as you are about to leave, you start feeling like it would be a good idea to have a long talk with one of the people you want to kill, but that doesnt happen. Instead, the next time you hear a knock on your door is when you open it. You say HelloHi, Im Jason, you say. We should get to know each other better, then we can kill you. Jason walks back into his trailer while you get ready to leave, then you hear a noise behind you and turn around. You see a man leaning on the railing of the trailer and watching you. Im probably going to start living here, why. Then again I thought you would be just as bad as the rest. I just realized you have something you should know. The government has been tracking all the money we make. If we dont turn it in, well be arrested and, worse, maybe even killed. I hope you can understand my concerns. Well, we probably should get to know each other better because as I said, Im not sure if you mean any harm to me or not. You know, Im just worried about my future, you know. Im not really sure what my future holds. Well, you might need to work hard to stay out of jail.

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