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You become a city slickerWhat the fuck are we doing there. We need to get out of there RIGHT NOW. You yell to your husband who is a little puzzled by your outburst. I know what the fuck we are doing there, but why are we even fucking there. Theres a war going on, not fucking an old warehouse in the middle of the fucking jungle. T quite understand the logic behind your outburst. Now get your big ass and pick up some extra fucking shit. Re supposed to be leading us NOT going to some shit hole in the middle of the jungle. You sigh and look at your tired husband who is starting to get a little cranky about your attitude. Ll come with you, but I will only be coming with you if we can find some other place to stay. Sure, come on, we can find a place to stay. That old warehouse must be filled with abandoned cars or something. You sigh and look at your tired husband and tell him to go ask around for potential places to stay for free. You go back to sleep while your husband does his business. T believe you actually just had an argument with your husband on the subject of where we need to go. About an hour later a young man wearing a sweatshirt and shorts steps out of the back and begins to show signs of trying to look all tough. The two guys and a man in a flannel shirt nod. Well I heard about a place called GZS where you guys can rent out your extra rooms. Is there anything special someone needs to make sure they stay here or something. You see it now, you get the impression this place is going to be over priced and not very clean. T worry about us at all, we have our own place and everything. T get any smell up here.

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