Whether there have been nips and tucks, complete overhauls, fillers …

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The best part is it all looks like natural, because Ive had my hands in the cosmetic industry for YEARS, and Ive seen it all. Ive seen things never before thought possible. But the biggest thing Ive noticed over the years is the lack of respect for the human face, even from celebrities. The way they style their hair, the way they apply makeup, the way they hold their face. You see people who are so well-groomed you almost forget theyre wearing a mask. He takes out a small, gray, plastic device and holds it to your chin. John smiles at you, but is staring at your face so intently you can barely see him. I recently had to take the life of an artist, but thankfully it was a very fortunate accident. The doctor looks you up and down, taking a deep breath. S a young painter that I believe to be one of the greatest. He was painting one of my patients when the procedure went wrong. S awake yet, and quickly ask what will happen to you. Ll have you taken care of by the end of the week. Ll be provided a place to stay and will be able to use your money.

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