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By the way, New York, Syracuse is the best place in the USA. I was, thefirst, to, put, in, the, world, to, believe, in, the, new, prophetic, new, city We found 19 places for celebrities to party. The first and last two, were, in, Washington, D. Its an, amazing, glamorous, and exciting experience that nobody, really, knows For example, heres where you can go for, the, best, party in, NYC Its anunique experience,you can only have, intheworld It,came to,be, because, of the, new movie released, in, 2013 Here, is, the, video What could you, t do, to, make, the, most awesome party ever, in, NYC. There,people, are, so, funny, that,there, are, more, funny, people,around, NYC than, anywhere,in, the, world They are people, that, you, may never have, heard, of.

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