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And theres a good chance of seeing a famous star. Look to yourself ifyou wouldnt mind to see it. You are at the Tinseltown Hotel, the place where you met the one that would eventually be your wife. You find her, on the bed of your hotel room, naked and still half-asleep on the sheets you brought her from home. You say, running out of the room and down a long corridor, toward your car. The car, a black Mercury station wagon, stops in front of a large, low, brick wall with a large, open doorway. In front of you stands a tall, skinny man in a dirty trench coat, in a chair, and wearing a large, bright, red hard hat. He is glaring at you and his eyes bulge at the corners, like a frightened cat being stared at. He does not move, but speaks quietly, I am the Tin Man. Ill go get the mail, then Ill go get you to a place called Hollywood. Now do you have the mail, do you have a room, or are you just lying on the floor. You frown, because you are being asked to leave, and the Tin Man needs a place to stay if he is to continue his journey. The Tin Man raises his finger to his lips and shrugs nonchalantly. You get the mail, or you lie on the floor. Now its time for me to go get the mail. Just as the Tin Man is about to leave, he turns back, his fingers curled into a fist, as if to protect himself. His eyebrows are very high and his two thin, black eyebrows are set high on his head, like the eyebrows of a bird.

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