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You just cant seem to shake the fear. Your feelings for Belle seem to be the closest thing to a true romance that youve ever had with anyone in your life, but the more you dwell on them, the more the unease grows, and the more you worry that theyre a sign that something is wrong with you. If you had any hope of solving your problems, you would have run away. If you were a little more in control of your urges at your age, you might have. S always so eager and willing to go places with you. At least the version of your story you can remember. The girl just holds her hand up in understanding and thanks you. Sheesh, I was wondering if you might have a penchant for the dark arts. M just not ready to tell everyone. Re about to begin telling her more about yourself, and she just stares at you in silence and shakes her head. You know, since you never told me about your feelings. M very observant of everyone, so I already had an idea since the start.

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