What Jenna Dewan REALLY Thinks About Channing Tatum & Zoë Kravitz Dating…

Channing Tatum‘s love life certainly seems like it’s kicked into high gear lately — yes, that’s a bicycle joke — but how does his ex Jenna Dewan feel about it?

In case you haven’t seen, the Magic Mike XXL star has recently been linked to Zoë Kravitz!

The pair has been spotted out and about on several different cozy outings around NYC, including her riding on his little bike with him. So cute! It appears the actors have officially crossed the line from collaborators to romantic partners after working on Zoë’s directorial debut, Pussy Island. (Great name btw!)

Now, an insider is speaking to E! News about Jenna’s take on the new duo, and it’s clear that the Step Up star will NOT be stepping up to make any un-necessary public comments on the matter!

The source says:

“Jenna doesn’t get involved in who he dates. She wants the best for Channing and hopes that he is healthy and happy. She leaves it at that.”

Very diplomatic, n’est-ce pas?

The two former spouses obviously stay close as they continue to raise 8-year-old daughter Everly Tatum together, but past that Jenna is leaving Channing to his own devices!

We are obviously on board with the exes prioritizing co-parenting, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit we were the teensiest bit surprised. After all, these two were together for over 12 years! You’d think there’d be some residual feelings. Though if there are, no one is giving them voice.

Plus, Jenna has been focusing on her own new family with fiancée Steve Kazee and their new 17-month-old son, Callum.

On that note, the insider goes on to explain more about Jenna’s new life with Steve and Callum:

“She has very much moved on with her life with Steve and her kids. Her focus is on raising kids and making sure they have everything they need.”

Her life is just so different three years on from the split…

We guess that also perfectly explains why Jenna can be so blasé about the hot new Hollywood couple that is Channing and Zoë — she’s got plenty of responsibilities in her world to take care of and follow through with! Can’t be bothered about her ex and all that when she’s got two young kids at home every day, now, can she?!

So… how serious are Channing and Zoë? It’s not yet clear, but we do know the path is!

The Big Little Lies star Kravitz and her estranged husband, Karl Glusman, are officially divorced as of Thursday — eight months after they first announced their split last December.

The couple, who got engaged back in October 2018 after first starting to date two years prior, are legally completely un-bound from each other at this point per ET, so it makes sense that she’s ready for Channing to swoop in on his ten-speed and sweep her off her feet.

Anyways, what do y’all think of Channing and Zoë, y’all?? Sound OFF with your take on these two down in the comments (below)…

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