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Re probably in your last days as a pop star. Lena Dunham has been an outspoken supporter in the last campaign cycle. Lena Dunham has tweeted about voting for Hillary Clinton in the last two elections. T win with Lena as your pop star. Re going to start your own pop band. The name of the band comes from the fact that the majority of the music on your upcoming record is going to include a lot of swearing. Ve ever said in your entire life into the mouth of a microphone. You just did what you always wanted to do with your life, even before you met Lena Dunham. In your next album, you release vulgar lyrics you wrote ten years ago that have never been heard by an audience. S not going to kick you out of her house. The world is the asshole that you kicked out of the house. S going to sound a lot more convincing than your previous songs to which most of your audience is going to either find vulgar or not appropriate for their children. S probably going to be looking up to you in a few years as an example of a man who made it in this fucked up world.

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