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The Top 10 Hair Trends To Try Now. Youre going to miss the rest of the photo shoot, but then you see the title you were supposed to click on above the photo. This is a lot more interesting than going through the list of celebrities that are supposedly on trend. Youve already made up your mind that youre going to be sticking to these trends, because theyre fun, and you love hair. You know youll be able to keep this up for a while. You continue the trendsThis isnt working for you, you want something else. You start Googling and eventually run across how to do a bun. You continueYoure going to go ahead and stick with these trends for now, even if its not necessarily for your own reasons. You begin following the directions to a T, and you can tell something is different. You start noticing how theres less of a need for your fingers to be in the right place to hold and twist the right things. Eventually your fingers become quite long and you have to reach up to grab something. When you stand somewhere, you have to extend your arms in order to reach your things. It doesnt matter how well built you are, if your arms arent long enough to reach your stuff, youre going to look like a hobbit. You start getting very pale and dizzy. Sometimes you begin to feel light headed and fall to the ground. You get home and start feeling very nervous. You feel like your hands just dont want to hold anything, or they just wont let you. You go through the motions of doing all your usual activities, like driving or opening the door, but you get very nervous. You dont have the least bit of skill but you manage to cook an egg, which isnt a bad thing, but you dont feel like doing it. It doesnt help that you do it all the time. You decide to just do some of your basic jobs. You dont think it will do any good to go out and do a bunch of fun activities. Every once in awhile, youd get a little excited.

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