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Article about Citrine beauty

The only way you were ever going to live down this betrayal was if you killed him yourself, thats where you were headed anyway. Youre too scared because you can tell in his eyes he doesnt actually want to be there and you think of all the things you wanted to do with him, and how much he meant to you, and he doesnt have it in him. Your voice breaks as you take a deep breath. You close your eyes, as if you cant bear the thought of living with yourself if you live with him. As cold as you are, you let go of your grip and start to walk away with a sad look on your face. You walk out of the tent and into the cold evening, until you stop. You take a deep breath and exhale, you dont have the answers, you just need to let go of the past. Youre not strong enough, youre not smart enough. You cant live in the past and can only let go. You want to die with him, but you cant, you cant let go. You stayYou dont have anywhere else to go and you cant let go, you cant let go. If you had the strength youd have killed him years ago.

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