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Email EmailImage via WikipediaIn September of 2010, the City of London Police, L. P raided a house in West London, in a joint operation with the Scottish Terrorism Investigation Unit and the National Crime Agency, N. In an operation later dubbed Operation Stack, officers broke a wide range of illegal drugs, and arrested dozens of people in the process, including a prominent online drug dealer. However, what may be more significant than the bust itself is the legal fallout the raid has left in its wake and the potential threats that the N. Could be using the information to pursue criminal charges against its opponents. Operation Stack was one of several raids conducted by the L. Last year as part of the Operation Weeting investigation into the alleged illegal distribution of cannabis and ecstasy tablets. Was a major participant in that effort, according to the New Statesman, which first reported on the raid last month. The next morning, four people were arrested under various drug and terrorism offenses. Was accused of selling and distributing thousands of ecstasy tablets in a variety of colors to club goers at parties that the organization hosted in the capital. Was also accused of selling and distributing ecstasy pills that were allegedly manufactured in Jamaica, but were then offered for sale in the U. While police have been very vocal about their investigation, the N. Has yet to say much about what the agency learned during its own raids, though it has repeatedly stated that it wants to pursue the investigation under federal law, according to the New Statesman.

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