We’ll get married and have kids! says MAFS couple Matt and Marilyse

Married At First Sight UK may not have gone entirely to plan for Matt Murray and Marilyse Corrigan, but while they didn’t find love on the E4 dating show, they have certainly found it since – with each other.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we got the loved-up pair together for an exclusive photoshoot. Marilyse, 38, from Beverley in East Yorkshire, tells us that their friends refer to them as a “couple of teenagers” and, as she nestles her head into Matt’s shoulder and he lovingly rubs her thigh, we can see why.

It’s fair to say Matt, who appeared on MAFS UK last year, and Marilyse, who was in the 2021 season, have different feelings about their time on the show.

Marilyse, who was paired with Franky Spencer in her series, says she has nothing but “good memories”, even though they ended their relationship once MAFS UK had finished.

While Matt, 32, who comes from Huddersfield, had a much more turbulent experience and saw his romance with salon owner Gemma Rose crumble after it emerged that he’d shared a secret kiss with co-star Whitney Hughes.

But while personal trainer Matt says he’s been a victim of trolling since taking part, he’s grateful for the fact that it introduced him to fellow personal trainer Marilyse.

"It’s like having your best friend and your partner in one person," he tells us.

As the pair reveal how their love story unfolded, Marilyse – who has two sons Callum, 17, and Josh, 14, from a previous relationship – says she’d love to have a baby with Matt and the couple discuss how they’ll be spending Valentine’s Day…

How did you guys meet?

Matt: The night before my first episode was due to air in August, I slid into Marilyse’s DMs with a voice note message on Instagram. It said, “Right, you’ve been through this. What am I in for?” And then we started exchanging nice voice notes every day.

Who suggested meeting up?

Matt: That was me, but at that time there was no romance. It was just a case of grabbing a bite to eat at Ask Italian. Maz does online coaching and I’m a qualified PT, so I wanted to branch into what she does.
Marilyse: It was more of a business meeting.
Matt: I always call it the "first date she didn’t know was a date".

Did you already fancy Marilyse then, Matt?

Matt: I didn’t know yet because I’d never seen her – I’d only looked at what she posted on Instagram. And I never even watched her series. Midway through the "date", I was looking at her like, "Oh, wow!" But I kept it platonic.
Marilyse: We even ended up going on holiday together, but in our heads we were just friends. When we got back though, I started to miss him. A few weeks later, we were halfway through a conversation on the phone when he said, "I do quite fancy you." I wasn’t expecting it.
Matt: I can’t not say things. If I think them, they come out.

What did the next few weeks look like?

Marilyse: We didn’t really go out on dates much. He’d just come round to my house and we’d hang out watching films together. Then one day – the night of my son’s Halloween party – he asked me to be his girlfriend.
Matt: There were 17-year-olds everywhere – I was like the bouncer! I sat her on the bed and said, "Look, we’re already doing this without speaking about it officially, but it’s happening."
Marilyse: Now everyone says we’re like a couple of teenagers.

Do you live together yet?

Matt: No, but we live quite close so it’s easy to see each other a lot. We’re practising at the moment, checking out each other’s bad habits.

What bad habits have you picked up on so far?

Matt: When we’re in bed, just as I’m about to fall asleep, Maz’s brain will switch on and she’ll ask me loads of obscure questions. It drives me mad.
Marilyse: He tries to get me up at 5am for the gym – and then spends an hour sat in bed himself anyway.

How did your exes from the show react to you being a couple?

Marilyse: Franky saw on Instagram that we were together and now when we catch up he always asks, "How’s Matt?" He’s lovely.
Matt: Gemma was asked what she thinks of our relationship and she was like, "It’s all for show because they’ve got the same agent." I’d never do that. It sounds far too complicated.

Do either of you have any regrets from your time on the show?

Marilyse: I don’t. I’ve got great memories.
Matt: I definitely do not have great memories from my time on the show. The only thing I regret is not leaving the process earlier.

How have you found the reception from fans since the show ended?

Matt: The trolling took some getting used to. When I first started getting backlash, it was like, "Oh my God, the world hates me." And then you realise that it’s only actually around 10 people on Instagram who have nothing better to do.

Matt, your mum has terminal cancer. How are you coping?

Matt: We’ve got a timeframe of 12 to 18 months, but we’re all OK. I speak to her every day and see her when I can. It messes with your head that you don’t know when your last moment with her is going to be. Marilyse has been nothing but supportive.
Marilyse: It’s heartbreaking. I’ve met his mum a few times now and every time I see her, I like her more and more. It’s awful to know that our time with her is limited, but I’ll be there for Matt through it all.

Could you see yourselves tying the knot one day?

Matt: Yes. For me, the future of our relationship is extremely bright. Sometimes, the more and more you learn about somebody, the more it puts you off, but this has gone the opposite way. We’re just clicking. It’s like having your best friend and your partner in one person.
Marilyse: Yeah. I haven’t been engagement ring shopping yet because I already know the style I want – a Haribo ring will do just fine.

What do your kids think of Matt?

Marilyse: They get on with him so well. Matt play-fights and goes to the gym with my youngest. He gives them really good advice.
Matt: And a lot of lifts!
Marilyse: Ha, yeah.

Would you like to have children together?

Marilyse: Yeah definitely. I’ve been really broody over the last couple of years and the closer I get to 40, I’m like, "S**t, I’m running out of time!" Matt hasn’t got any kids yet, so I think it’s only fair he has one of his own.
Matt: Absolutely!

What will your first Valentine’s Day together look like?

Marilyse: I’ve booked a meal at a really lovely restaurant. And I believe we’re planning another holiday soon…
Matt: We’d love to do a road trip on the West Coast of America – San Francisco, Vegas, all that jazz – so we’ll probably spend the evening getting that organised. But as long as we’re together doing something we both enjoy, I’m happy.


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