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What more could a woman, who could be counted on one finger, ask. As you talk, you notice the room and the place has changed. Some of the drawings and pictures are rather crude, but others are far more detailed. D expect to find skin, like nipples. Others are of naked men and women, holding hands and making passionate expressions. There are even a few of the odd mixtures of the two. Clearly, the owner has been here before and has taken great care in preserving this place. T help but feel that this belongs to you, and that this is your new home. Re going to be giving me some of your designs. Ll find most of her drawings are relatively easy to do. Re going to get some of the other guys here to do the design work. I think my guys are just going to take it a bunch of different ways and then spit out the ones that work. T know if my guys will be skilled enough to achieve perfection. You look around, and see that not many people are speaking to each other. A few people look over at you with a mixture of disapproval and amusement, but no one else is paying any specific attention to you. T see why I need to conform anymore. Ve been a coward for far too long. M sure you will find the right person. Linda says with a smile, before you both turn and start walking towards the door. T even bother with the usual greeting; you just wave to Linda and begin looking.

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