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And Eva, who knows what shes getting herself into, begins clicking away at an e-mail. You say to yourself, and go online once more. Your eyes immediately fly to your inbox, now a sea of white letters. The password entry screen displays on the screen, and you slide the keyboard of your cell phone towards the screen. A moment later, your eyes are met with a text message:Greetings beautiful. I hope that I can make our contact pleasant after all. Ll ask you to please keep in mind that the password may be complex for most people. For the password to be simple for you, you are required to type the letter D followed by a number. You wait a moment, before you finally click the button that allows you to respond to the message, which is now in gray. You type your reply, carefully choosing your words. Now the screen goes black, and you see a single long message appear before you. S an image of the word DINING, in a fancy font. Just then, Eva walks down the hallway towards you. You say and slide your phone back into its pocket, closing the screen. You follow Eva out of the room and into the foyer. Anything less than that is just not good enough. The place is going to be open for anyone to walk in and out of to make a quick buck. I want clean, new furniture, everything else costs extra.

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