We dress like them, but who do celebs dress up as …

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T want to be crawling through shit in my birthday suit. Re still a little skeptical, but you agree with your mother. That night, you and your mother have sex in your birthday suit. Your mom is quite proud of the way it looks. Your mom says people do look, but that she manages to walk by them with no problems. The next day, you head out on your own to Hween. Re excited to see everyone, and you figure you can spend the night at the Ramada Inn if you want to. The first stop you make is to the costume shop where everyone is there for the costume contest. The shopkeeper is wearing a very short dress that shows a lot of her leg. Everyone is either buying stuff or trying on outfits, but none of it really catches your attention. T seem all that interested in any of them. You see a few girls wearing skimpy outfits and some guys in costume. You look around and see a lot of people trying on costumes, but nothing really catches your eye. Your sister is tired and feels the same way, so you decide to go home. You and your sister go back home and you end up falling asleep in your bed. You wake up early the next morning to go to work as usual. You have a great day before you feel sick and vomit.

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