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The site also includes a section for those looking for an alternative to surgery. There, users can order pig implants to become a live, walking donor pig. But the more troubling part of the site is the sales section. On the right-hand side of the page, users may be able to choose their country of residence. Once they select a country and enter their information, they are given the option to place a buy or sell order at the companys website. Buy orders are generally reserved for larger transactionsfor instance, you may be able to get a large number of devices or supplies. Sell orders typically involve smaller purchases. In other words, there may be no way to cancel or return a buy order. Users are directed to enter the contact section of the site and are given contact information. The site does not specifically say that it takes trust for buyerssellers in an item to be sold. In the case of the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, the company says it is working on new and unusual products to deliver to consumers, including unusual products and special deals. It does not clarify if the unusual products the company is working on are sold by the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment or if people are purchasing them directly. The company also provides contact information for a contact center. It does not ask for personal information or any payment information. Some of the phone numbers listed for the company are private and not available to anyone. If the company is conducting business in the United States, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission, which enforces the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1921. If the company is located in any other country, you should contact the relevant government agency to determine what legal obligation is imposed on the company before purchasing anything from the company. If you have any questions, you should contact the Better Business Bureau. Nz, or use the following contact information:Big BlueP.

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