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The next day, you get a visit from a reporter for the local paper. He asks you about your plans to turn the bar into a gay bar, and you are eager to explain. It is the reporter, and he takes a seat at the booth, but you know he is watching you. You press the reporter for more informationOkay, what are your sources. You press the reporter for more informationYou walk over to the reporter, and start pressing questions. He gets up, gets closer to the couch and saysyou press him for more informationWhat is your source. Its my source and I can tell you everything unless it is illegal. The reporter sits down, and stares at the floor, looking utterly defeated. You feel a bit sad for the reporter, who cant continue to do his job. You do what you can and ask for information about the law in general. But you always end up with the same response. It seems the reporter was not the only one who was intimidated by you. The room is quite empty except for people you do not know. You notice that they seem very nervous. You think you would be better off going home. You leaveYou leave the bar, and make your way home. When you arrive at home, you open the door, which is very close to the ones that you live in. You leave your homeYou walk towards the stairs. You do not proceedThis cannot be happening. You do not want to go back home, you have lived here for too long. You continue with your storyYou do not want the whole story, so you press your lips together, and proceed to tell your life story. It was not easy to find out what was really going on in the bar, but as usual in this day-and-age there is enough information for you to get a general idea. The owner had told reporters to tell you everything, including the rumors that were swirling in other bars. He explained to the reporters that he does not have a relationship with any of them. The reporter was being quite skeptical about the rumors, in case they werent true. One of the reporters was even more suspicious, and started following you around the bar. He would follow you when he felt like you were being too quiet. The reporter had done much more than just report on rumors.

Article about Kinky celebrities