Watch Will Smith Tell Teens To Use 'Their Head' Instead Of 'Their Hands' In 1992 PSA!

Oof. We’ve heard some pretty disturbing stories about Will Smith this week. After his already infamous Oscars moment, a couple darker incidents from his past have come bubbling up.

But something else has also resurfaced, and it’s quite a different blast from the past…

During the heyday of Fresh Prince, the young star did one of those iconic NBC “The More You Know” PSAs, and wouldn’t you know it? It’s an anti-violence message!

In the 30-year-old clip, Will warns teens against using their fists to solve problems, saying:

“Say you’re out with your boyfriend, your girlfriend, you’re at school, you’re at a club or something, gettin’ busy, you’re just having fun. Somebody steps up to you and tells you they wanna rumble.”

Here’s the advice that grownup Will really should have heeded:

“Just stop for a second. Before you lose your head, get all crazy and toss your hands up, just think: The person that uses their head can always defeat the person that’s just trying to use their hands.”

Wow. that is ridiculously on point. It’s both a wildly on-the-nose coincidence and a reminder of why people were so shocked at The Slap. Will Smith has spent decades cultivating his nice guy image. He’s always been the guy making the smart choice, the best choice. This was just so much the opposite of that.

Watch the wildly relevant public service announcement for yourself (below)!

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