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He is the producer and director of the YouTube series YouTuber Christopher Schonberger Drips With Sweat While Hes Eating Hot Wings. So I hear the whole plan, youre trying to get into that mansion and maybe just mess around there for a little while. Jimmy Ray: The whole purpose of our trip is just to get on the boat and go to the mansion, and then were just gonna walk in, knock on the door, and say Hi, Im Jimmy and Im here to see my brother Johnny. Jimmy Ray: Because of all the rumors and speculation, you just want to see Johnny right. Jimmy Ray: Okay, so Ive been getting all these emails about me and Johnny being in cahoots to rob the Crimson Talon Hideout and I think its time I did something about it. Jimmy Ray: Do you know where they are. Jimmy Ray: Theyre located in Florida, arent they. Sean Evans: What, you mean like on the water. Jimmy Ray: Well, how do I know it isnt them. Jimmy Ray: Its not a simple matter of just making a call and saying youre trying to get some money, you know what I mean. Jimmy Ray: Maybe I should just rob the place. Jimmy Ray: I feel like we should just go on the internet and look up the address and. Jimmy Ray: I suppose you have some other ideas about how we should do this. Jimmy Ray: Maybe we should just shoot some of the guards in the head. Jimmy Ray: I mean, how do I know that we arent going to miss anyone. Jimmy Ray: I mean, why cant we just rob this place blind. Jimmy Ray: How do I know that we wont get caught. Jimmy Ray: Its only going to be money, right. Jimmy Ray: Okay, why do I still feel this way. Sean Evans: What do you think, Jimmy. Jimmy Ray: I think we should go in there. Sean Evans: Okay, Ill go with you. Sean Evans: I know weve got a lot to discuss, but I really think you should go in there.

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