Watch Rachel Dratch audition for the, fictional, Real Housewives of Boston…

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RACHEL: So how did you find your new job. I had worked at one or two parties before, but I had never even worked at a party before. RACHEL: Is there a particular party that you worked at. DAN: Uh no, but my friend was very specific. DAN: Yeah, he works at a comic store. The bar manager asked about 10 people what they wanted. T been to the comics store in a couple years. S the one place in the city that I would go. S more of a community feel than a job. RACHEL: So your friend was the only one that was talking to you. DAN: My friend said he worked there on all the events because the store only has so much time each week to put on events. RACHEL:, sigh, Let me guess, they had a good time with people who were interested in comics. They were selling merchandise and it was a fun job and they gave me a discount on a few items. DAN:, laughing, You should work there.

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