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But then I listened to Kevin Spaceys voice on a speaker. Because for the entire time I was reading this novel, I was wondering,What does the author do that is so great that he manages to be believable as a character. And I kept thinking of this wonderful comment of a writer on the internet:I try to write as if I were the author. I want the readers sympathy, not necessarily a direct feeling of empathy, but I have to make the reader care, not just for me but for the character. I have to make the reader care, even if the character isnt the target of my sympathy, but I still have to make the reader care, because it is the readers job, first and foremost, to stay engaged. And if I cant do that, if I cant make the reader care, then my story sucks. And if, at the end of the day, my story sucks, then my life sucked. And if my life sucked, then my mothers life sucked, too. And for the love of our dear, brave, beautiful book, for the love of all literature, lets all keep trying.

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