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The mattress, buttons, the locker can only be the same. The hours will be shortening along with your sleep, at least until the morningAnd so concludes the first of many pages of the diary of the strange creature, the little-known man, the man whose name becomes increasingly less familiar by the day. You take out a newspaperYou grab a copy of a morning paper out of one of the drawers. You grab it and look at its glossy, bright front page. The paper is titled TOMBSTONE BLAST and it says:The newspaper is a bit old and is full of stains and dust, but you manage to make out the headline in black and white. MURDERED, MURDEREDThe headline reads as follows:THE KILLER IS STILL AT LARGEThe rest of the page is a mess of words and sentences. Theyre hard to make out due to the dirt, dust and stains, but you still manage to make out the following:The killer is still at large, but we have made significant progress in apprehending him. His name is John Henry, an alcoholic living near the cemetery in a wooded area. Hes said to be an experienced killer, and has killed two men previously. His accomplice is unknown to the police, but we will be pursuing all leads. Police forces throughout the world are joining forces in an international manhunt for the two killers. S Canada, Australia and New Zealand are working together to find the two murderers. If youve seen any signs of the murderer, please contact the Police Force in your country immediately. The message concludes with this cryptic message: The police forces of New England and New York City have confirmed that the murderer is still at large in their jurisdictions. This note was found near the body of one of those killed in the tragedy earlier this week. We believe the body was removed from the area where the killer was last seen. We suggest you examine this note to find out more. The name John Henry quickly comes to mind: you remember seeing him near the body and the car where the victims were last seen. The drawer that held it is unlocked, so you move to the table and open the drawer, which is a bit dirty.

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