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All our products are cruelty-free, cruelty-free, natural and all-natural. So, if I can make a statement about the quality of your products, the care for your consumers and what were all about. Yes, please, just one more time, and one more for good. Your products and services have inspired me, as Ive been reading your stories and hearing you talk about them and seeing you work the same way, which is the reason Im here today. We live in a society that is increasingly short on what our forefathers put into our food, drink, air and shelter. We live under a government that is increasingly unwilling to fulfill their responsibilities. There are those that think a strong government is a good thing, but it can be oppressive and they say there is no freedom because were constantly being told what to do by faceless men with pens and a few clicks. I say we should all get together and say to those men, Youre wrong on this, and we dont need your ideas of what we should do. But we can do better with less of a hindrance. Give us what we need, and you will have more freedom to do what you can do best. And if you cant, if you cant do that for us, we will go our own way and you can go your own way. If that means taking your business and products elsewhere, so be it. But we will not fall for the same ideas of where we should live, what jobs we should have or what services we receive. If we must accept our lot, we will accept it in the knowledge that we are a people who have risen above oppression. And we will take what is ours with gratitude, with joy and with beauty. Im going to stand up here and keep saying it til you get up. We are not going to let someone take what we can have. You stand and go on your wayYou are not in this for yourself, because youre just a nice looking pretty face that will attract all these men. The only men youd attract would be those who were already already in love with you, but thats not why youre here. Youre here to put a stop to all the bullshit thats going on in this world. Youre here to put a stop to a world in disarray, whether its the ones in.

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