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Martin, Robby Stern, the HBO Documentary, and A-Team, Director. Theres never been a better time to be connected to the digital age. Who knows, you might even make it to the next level as part of the next great revolution for humanity. You close your eyes as you hear the familiar sounds of a computer game to get yourself in the mood. You open your eyes to find yourself back in your office, which is currently quite messy like yesterday. You look at a giant monitor which shows the current game being played on a big screen in front of you. It is a game which you have no interest in, just like you have no interest in any of the other games you have installed on your computer. It would seem that you are playing an online game with another user named Rampage, who you think is an internet troll. Regardless, the game does not appear to be any fun for you, so you exit your computer and decide to just go back to work. If Rampage really is an internet troll then you could not really care less. You turn your computer off and go back to what you were doing earlier. You go through some work and do your tasks as usual, but you feel a little drained and sleepy. You then notice your door has been left open a little bit. You walk outside your office and sit down on your chair. The sun is still out and the room is warm enough that you feel comfortable lying on it. You decide to go to the computer and test how much of a difference your lack of sleep has made on you. You go back to workYou take your chair from the floor and go out of your office. You remember when you used to make calls here all the time. You think back to that day, and that was one of the best days of your life. You remember getting a lot of people to chat with you and talking on the phone all day long with people you barely knew. You remember being all chummy with the reception person, even if she was extremely rude to you.

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