Wale Calls Fake News On Story Diddy Hung Him Off a Balcony Over Cassie Friendship

wale big redd The Five Heartbeats

Wale finds himself inserted in a rumor about Diddy dangling him over a balcony for working with Cassie against Diddy’s wishes — but Wale says it’s a fairy tale derived from Robert Townsend‘s film, “The Five Heartbeats!!!

Wale’s management tells TMZ Hip Hop the story, first started by DMV rapper-turned-YouTuber Ant Glizzy, is pure fakery and goes on to say, “It’s a shame that a complete fabrication has gotten this far and that we have to dignify it with a response.”

They continue … “It is a fantasy written by an outsider to exploit a viral story for clicks … the author must have watched “The Five Heartbeats” on basic cable and got inspired. They have never been in the same room as the people mentioned. Wale has never met Cassie or the author and was never involved in any type of altercation. He wishes peace for everyone involved in the settlement.”

Wale’s team is also warning any media outlets that continue posting the story would be spreading fake news, “and we appreciate any outlet dedicated to factual reporting.”

The 1991 film is loosely based on the Motown Hits era and features a crazed record label boss named Big Red hanging one of his artists over a balcony after they disrespected his office hours with an inquiry about his royalties.

Ant Glizzy has repeatedly made it clear in his videos that he has a bone to pick with Wale but also lingering beef with Shy Glizzy, who he also mentioned in the story.

Diddy seen after recently settling case

Diddy looked gutted over the weekend after settling the explosive lawsuit Cassie filed, alleging rape, physical abuse and human trafficking.

Ant didn’t take kindly to Wale’s rebuttals and is now vowing to lay hands on the new Def Jam signee. Good luck with that!!!

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