VotesThis everbearing variety produces high yields of large, very sweet fruit from late spring …

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Mate it with a, good growing bed and this beautiful, fruit will grow- You. Im the new farm manager and I have great news to share with you. My brother, Kevin, has had the idea of opening a new farm. I know hes always wanted to take on a second farm and Ive been looking for an opportunity to help him start one. Well have a lot of room and I think itll be fun and profitable for us all. Kevin likes strawberries too, so Im sure well have enough to go around. I guess I should start off by telling you a little about Kevin and his brother Jake, who I know you know. My family is a bunch of old hippies that live in an old farmhouse with an old barn where we grow our own food. Kevin and Jake are only 2 of many brothers and sisters. I havent told you everything about them because Im still keeping some secrets for them. As I mentioned, Id really like to take over ownership of this farm, but I dont have anyone in mind to sell it to. Kevin has always wanted a second farm, so Ive been looking for a way to get us both a farm together. My brother Jake, though he hasnt said he wants to sell his own farm, has been saying he wants to have a second farm in the future. Kevin has been giving me the run around. I just want to help my brother get started. Im sure you get the idea as to what this new farm will be like. By the way, I think Kevin would be interested in selling a bit of the farm to you. I trust we can work something out. I know Kevin wont turn down a deal like this. Hes always wanted to start a second farm. Ill happily help you out with this second farm. Ive got a lot of extra space now, so Im hoping Ill be able to grow more of a variety of fruits and vegetables than I could before. When you move in, youll have a place to live here in New Leaf as well, but I guess thats up to you. I still have to move some things out of my parents house, including their old house. Ill let them know when thats finished.

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