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Florida Flora Express is a specialized postal service specializing in airport deliveries. Florida Flora Express was one of the best businesses I You dont listen to it againNo. You look at the clock and your phone is about to explode. You didnt turn on the music to keep yourself awake for a date night. This is way too late for that, you need to go and you need to do something immediately. You take a deep breath as you head towards the office building. You dont even have to look behind you, you just keep walking with all your momentum. When you reach the front door, you open it to see a girl in a red dress standing there. She probably looks like shes in her late teens or early twenties, she wears red lipstick and her hair is in a bun. Her eyes are large and round, kind of like a puppy. You start to say and then you notice how red she is. Its pretty boring but its better than working at the local McDonalds. I was on break so I came to see if I can get a job there. Okay, I guess that makes you a non-employee, I need an employee now, Ill see what I can do for you. Well, Im sure a lot of people come to the office by themselves and they dont need employment at the company, but you seem like a lonely person, so I thought I could work something out. I can give you a job doing what youre good at, or I can ask some of my coworkers for help, let me know if you need anything else. That seems like the worst thing I could do. You look tired so I think I could get something for you, dont have too many people here at the moment for one thing. Can you still get that job for me. Well I could but you dont seem like youll be able to do it.

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