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Cogsworth saves Belle, the Beast and she,he s her. The Beasts relationship with Cogsworth is revealed to the public, and reconstituted as a. The fact that Cogsworth is a character who the audience has invested emotionally into is very important because it allows for an emotional connection between the audience and the series. Cogsworth is the most emotionally invested viewer character in the series, and if you cant get emotional invested in Cogsworth, at least be emotional invested in Dan Stevens, who has some very big emotional stakes to keep in mindSo when Dan Stevens dies, it actually feels like the emotional stakes in the series have been lowered. You dont have to worry about a major emotional death for Cogsworth, and he doesnt have to die in a way which the audience cant relate to. You still have to be concerned about death when it happens in the media, but you dont have to worry about it so much if the character in question isnt so emotionally invested that they cant handle it. And thats why you should be wary of how much youre investing in Cogsworth. You dont kill Cogsworth, youll kill Dan Stevens insteadThis is a pretty big deal. I mean you have to worry about death even if the character isnt particularly interesting, but when its one of your fellow cast members who is a major fan favorite, it has a huge effect on you. You kill Dan StevensBut youre not going to kill Dan Stevens, not when youre doing the right thing. In fact, youre not going to tell any of the others. Believing that Stanley Tucci is the villain, you decide to kill him instead. Youll have to kill the entire cast and all of the other characters in order to do it right. So killing Tucci wont solve anything. Itll just make things worse for you. Dan Stevens is a character who has a personal stake in the conflict. When you attack his home, he isnt just attacking you. Then you remember, and you have to stop yourself. As much as he does have a personal stake in the conflict, hes still a character.

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