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The screen now shows Michaela Gambarro, dressed in a tight white g-string. Shes laying face down beside the bed. Her body is shaved, with pale thighs and smooth buttock. You see a small ring gag in her mouth, and the hair on her head is pulled back and tied up with a rope, leaving only the strands dangling free. You want to save me from my fate. You give her a drink to calm her down. You give her a drink to calm her off. She starts to calm down, and even laughs a bit. The screen goes to a page, which has various pictures, and a button in the middle. You choose the picture of a naked woman on her hands and knees, tied to a chair with an iron bar. The bar is held tightly in place on her upper thighs, just above her knees. The image is very dark, with pale skin, pink hair, and a high-pitched voice. Shes staring up at you, with tears in her eyes. The womans skin is pale, and her breasts are still hanging out. The woman looks back at you, and then begins to cry. She cries into the bar, and then wipes away wet tears with her handkerchief. The bar on her knees looks sharp, and she has a small cut below her eye. You see that the womans hair is white, and falls in ruffles around her head. Her body is naked, save for a pair of shoes, and a.

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