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In his laborious years to grind his miserable life in-doors as soldier in-arms, he learned a lot of sneakiness and sneakiness lead to his death. Even in death, He was not truly good. He was the prince of the earth, and he was a human being. Ode to Beauty And the Beast, Part 1, And now for something completely different. I have known of this piece of music for some time, but because it was not written for any film I had not listened to it before. And while one does not expect a John Williams piece for a childrens film from any period, this piece is an excellent example of a piece that would be suitable for such a film. I had heard it performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on several occasions, and I thought it was a fitting piece for this piece. On a side note, this piece, along with A Boyhood in the Colonial Forest was featured in the film The Artist and was sung by the late, great, George Gershwin. I have always admired the way he used music in his acting. Now, I will bring out the goodness of this film, because I did not want to bring out the evil of Beauty and the Beast. I do not need to tell you about the songs and the lyrics, or anything else. I am sure you know the story by now. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favorite films. As you will see, the film is in the same mold as Gone With the Wind. These are two films that have influenced me greatly in my life as a movie buff. They both are wonderful films, but I would like to share something else that they have both in common.

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