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Your eyes soon wander away from the comments section and onto the screen. A bunch of comments like your are being made about you. S making you feel even uglier than before. T really pay much attention to your appearance at all. You feel like you just walked into a living hell. T really know how you got from this dark place to the bright light of life again. You have to go through with some sort of resolution of some sort. Re in such a hurry to get back to the bright light of your life that you give up on sleeping. T feel completely miserable, but there is a sense of sadness and sadness is what fills your entire being. You turn around and exit the shelter and make your way back to your room. S because you are now too used to it. You sit on your bed in the darkness, just looking at yourself in the mirror. You think about how you wish you had just tried to get out of that shelter back then. D do if you ever got the chance to get out. T want to leave them and just want to try to keep a little bit of their life for a little longer.

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