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Votes Watch full episodes free online of the tv series My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Episode 3 with subtitles. You leaveWell, you could always watch the series. You exit the chat for the time being, but when you join it again later, you find a different account, which now lists you in some way as being newer, than when you left. Its likely from yesterdays shenanigans with Chan Woo, so you assume something you saw on Twitter was a result of the party. Youre glad this account is more or less the same as your other one, but its also very quickly flooded with what looks like random people who just want to talk about a lot of things. You also see a lot of the same accounts comments, which are mostly just variations on I had a similar experience and I saw it on TV. The comments from yesterday seem to be missing from todays stream. The screen changes to show more or less the same stream, but of course there are a lot fewer comments on it. The chatroom has a lot of people still talking about yesterdays events. It looks like the person who initially started it is still here, and is now replying to messages to say that they are trying to be helpful, but they are in a state of shock from what happened. Eventually someone decides its time to stop talking and just record on Twitch. You see him do it, and then a stream of colors, and then finally a few frames of what looks like static. You watch as the video ends, and you see no more messages on the page. You wait a full day, but you dont get an answer from the owner, as per the rule you read on the website. Youre a little more aggressive this time, and are told that if you dont pay up within twenty four hours, the account will be disabled. Youre a little taken aback by the lack of urgency, but you comply anyway. The next twenty four hours pass by in silence, but you eventually hear some noise outside the door. You sit up and slowly open it up. Someones there, but youre not quite sure what you should expect here. It doesnt take you long to figure it out, though. I told you three hours ago that Im not paying. The owner turns around and punches you in the face. You go down, landing heavily on the wooden floor. The punch is powerful, and the owner runs out the door.

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