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CynthiaThe other girls all come to greet Cynthia as she comes in and greet her by name. After they do that, you all head to the front of the bus. When you all get on the bus, one of the younger girls says something to one of the older ones, who gives the middle finger at them while yelling at the last one. You all get in your seats and you all ride the bus to your first day of school. You and your group all sit in the front. The older kids sit in the front, in the back, in the middle, and on the seats in the back. As you ride the bus all day, you make friends. The girl who sits next to you is pretty and has black hair and blue eyes. The other girl is named Jessica and says she has blonde hair, green eyes, and medium pigmentation. There is also a boy named Ben who you dont know. He is the only one around who doesnt seem to be bothered by all the eyes on him. As the bus continues to ride, you find out that every student in your class is going to another school. After a month, you are all at a new and different school. The bus stops at a park to get a bite to eat. After you and your friends have eaten, you and your group part company for the day. You have never seen a mall this big before. You spend a few hours in the mall, but you arent sure if you got what you need or want. You do realize that you will be heading back to your old house soon, where you can probably get all of your needs filled. As you walk through the mall, you realize that you are going to need a place to live soon. You dont want to be living in the woods, so you decide to buy a house somewhere in the suburbs. You have never been out of the city before, so your only guess is that you have to go to the suburbs, but you dont really know where to go. You go back to your old houseYou realize that the house you grew up in was a mess and that you just left it. You decide to go back to your old house. A lot of things have changed since you were there as well. You cant go back to your old job either because your father was killed in the store. And if youre going to have a home to live in, youre going to need to find a job, which you cant do until you have a house to live.

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