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You follow Spike and 165 people on PinterestSpike1309: Pinterest. Thats where I spend most of my time these days. OldManInDirtFace: Pinterest is nice, but I also have Facebook and Twitter, and theyre both better. If you want to know who I follow, look to the right. OldManInDirtFace: Well I follow a lot of people who post things about music, movies, TV, comic books, etc. Some of the people I follow are celebrities, some are people I dont follow, but I follow them anyway. TinyTim24: I follow a lot of movie people, but I also follow a bunch of people who dont post much, or anything, about movies. TheDayman: I really dont care what other people post about. You follow 164 people who are active on Facebook. Some of those are people I dont like, but some of them I follow because they post things about music, movies, TV, comic books, etc. And the rest are people I follow just to see what theyre up to. OldManInDirtFace: I try to stay on Facebook, but I dont know why. MaddAddamGuy: I rarely interact with my friends on Facebook, because its so confusing and slow. Plus, I dont want to be friended by everyone because I want to be in control. You follow 153 people who are active on Twitter. MaddAddamGuy: Well there arent too many people I follow on there, so it isnt too bad. I try to stay away from the stupid shit thats posted there. Im not a Twitter snob, but I dont follow too many people there. I also dont follow people I dont like, or people I am only friends with because of something they say. TinyTim24: I also avoid it because I dont like people who are just using it as a way for them to get followers.

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