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The film as we know it is now considered to consist of three separate films. And as you can probably guess, Beauty, the Beast and the Beast. One of the reasons why the film was so successful was due to its three-dimensional characters. And while the film is a modern classic, no matter how much your parents may or may not like these three people, you cant help but feel that you should be like the rest of them. You have to admit though, youd really rather be in a world full of people who arent like you, then a world full of the same people over and over again. You go back to the futureYouve made up your mind. If you stay and fight youre just going to end up as another statistic on the death toll of the revolution. S going to give you an escape from this war; preferably something that wont get you killed. T imagine having your family slaughtered because of it. It was an interesting experience, but youd rather have the comfort of being a normal human. It was a place without the constant fear of your home getting attacked. Is living in a place like that really such a good idea. Re currently in front of a door that appears to lead into a garden. You can hear the sounds of birds chirping somewhere nearby. You open the door and there it is: The Garden of Eden. It looks very old and the writing on it has some weird symbols. S fake, but you just have to try. You knock twice more before you get an answer.

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