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You continueYou continue to listen to the song on repeat as you make your way back home after your day. But then you dont listen to the song anymore, you just listen to the song. Eventually you get a little lost in the song and drift off to sleep. Your mom wakes you up, which means your song is no longer playing. T like waking up early anymore. S ever going to get you to sleep she needs to be awake. Sister: You need to shut that song off. Sigh, You go up to your room and shut the song off. You stand there waiting for her response, or lack there of, but she just stands there looking at you. You:, Sigh, Well, I was going to visit them, but I just got a bit upset and tried shut the song off. T sleep and I think that probably made you mad, so I left. I told you to shut that fucking song off when I gave you a chance to go to sleep last night. Sigh, You: What the hell am I going to do. T know, can you just stay at my house today. S and your house, which means your Mom and your sister are going to have to go over there.

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