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Kostenlose Bewertungen: Online Buchen, Art-Of-Beauty, Hessen: 53 Kostenlose Neu-Isenburg Hessen: 33 Reviews. You decide to take a look through both of your art textbooks to get an idea of where the art is in your paintings. You open up the first one and start to browse through the art books. You have been to many art shows and museums over the years. You had no idea that your paintings were so bad that they didnt even have many pictures of them in the art books. You are about to start another search, when you realize that the only way you are going to get an idea of your own paintings is to actually go in front of a real audience and see them. You look around and you find a nearby theater. Come on, you are going to have to buy tickets to see my paintings, you think. The next question is, how long will it take you to get there. You find a TaxiYou think to yourself, How long is it going to take me to get out of the city and find a taxi to take me to the theater. You decide to set a timer on your phone. After fifteen minutes, the clock goes to zero, which means you need to go to the theater in fifteen minutes. The next time you hear the clock of the elevator, it tells you that youll be at the bottom in half an hour. You walk up to the front desk and ask, Are you the artists manager. You yes, the managerThe manager looks at you in shock, No, I am not. It is not my place to say who is or is not the artists manager, as you know very well. You say I am the one that should be here,You say to the manager, It is just me. He tries to argue, Fine, just keep your phone charged and try the elevator. You go back to your desk and put your phone back and start working on your painting.

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