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You then write out a list of the products youd like to buy and give it to a clerk. After looking through the list a long time, a girl comes out from behind the register and says, Have a nice day. You nod with your list in hand as she leaves with the rest of the customers. You pick up your pencil and start to doodle on it. Since its Monday you decide to just go for it tomorrow instead of waiting until Tuesday since you want to get the rest of the week done before the week ends. You head to the hair salon and grab the cheapest and least expensive looking one in the building for the day. T help you sir, the most expensive products are in my back. You feel a bit of jealousy, at this point you could just get the cheapest hair products and the best man would still be the best man. You grab all the hair products You grab all of the hair clippings you have in a bag and head to the back of the salon. She reads your mind and says, Well, you do have a lot of hair. M going to help you out sir. 100 of these in your eyes, and this clippers in your hands. The clerk gets up and walks around back where some other women are trying on the various colors in the store while you wait. Re going to get a little of everything with me as your stylist. She goes to the back and starts going through drawers and drawers until she comes up to a drawer with a small tray with a straw.

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