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You need more people to watch the film or else you risk falling for a deception. You need to see the deepfake and you need to see it before you can trust that the video is even real. You watch the filmThe film takes you through a narrative that seems to contain elements of reality and fiction and some elements that seem to have absolutely no connection to reality whatsoever. The characters all seem to be just as shallow as you are and you feel like youre watching a shallow reality TV show, or worse, a reality TV show. Your mind fills with the questions How the hell can a machine create a movie, film, film and an interview and then edit those elements to make a video. How the hell can an algorithm create a narrative that seems to be filled with holes and contradictions of fact and fiction. The film ends on a very disturbing note, a very disturbing note in that the viewer has no way of knowing whether the images are real or not. The scene in which the film director shows you a still of a dead body is really unsettling. The film, when played for a group of people, is supposed to give the viewer a feeling of being confronted by a documentary on a serial killer. The film should give you the impression that you are looking at the real life personas of a man who calls himself The Shadow and his victims who appear to be real people that are somehow associated with this fictional character that the viewer has created. In reality, these people arent dead at all. These are just images that appear to depict the real life personalities of some people you may have met in the past. The footage has been manipulated so that it appears to be real. Its like a movie youve watched so many times that you dont even know how many times because the reality is beginning to blur into the fiction. And then you realize that the image that the film represents, the still of a dead body of a woman, is real. After all, youve seen the images so many times youve seen them so many times that reality and fiction are blending together into nothingness. You are watching a movie made by a movie maker. You look at the still of the dead body and you realize that she could be you, and you were once a woman. You leave the filmWhat the fuck, this isnt worth dealing with, the world and your life is just a giant joke, a pointless joke. You leave the film site and head back home. You go back to your computer to find your friend. Its been a few hours and nobody has arrived, which means that they havent come back either.

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