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Youve thought about it since you were a little girl. But you also know thats not true. The fairy blood is much rarer and it takes an act of love and magic rather than genes. Its a rare type of power and you can see why youre never going to have it. Theres a certain type of woman who makes the fairy transformation easier. You were a little more than a little surprised by this revelation, but you accept it and youve always just accepted your own limits. Your feelings of wanting to be a human woman have never been so strong, but also never been so difficult to fully accept. But theres just one thing you wish for. Shes like a fairy godfather, but you know shes better because shes more real and doesnt have to hide any of her powers. You could probably take over the world, but that wouldnt be fair to Belle. Its not like you have any illusions of your own ability to do that. Its something that you thought you had to accept, but you just cant. You dont have time to go into more detail about your plan to Belle, but you do have time to tell her about the first time you touched a man, which was the first time you touched another woman. Though you suppose youd tell her even if she didnt ask. You dont know if Belle ever will, or if she ever would, but you have to try. You time to be humanYoure not going to be a fairy forever. You can only imagine what kind of monster your sister will turn into when she gains that fairy blood. Some of the fairy creatures, such as snow white and phoenix, can turn back into their natural form.

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