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Just a couple of weeks later Belle is kidnapped by the Beast. And just days before Luke Evans decides to star in the next installment. You start to wonder, are the people who run the Disney-Studios, just using the character for money. You dont feel right using Luke Evans just for a character that isnt yours, you dont feel the need to go and make the movie yourself. You cant believe that youve let yourself become used to the character; you need to get rid of it, permanently. You decide to find a way of getting rid of it:You start to search for a new actor who will play the Beast:Theres nothing that can be done, youll have to go to a live-in actor, but youll have to find the money, in order to live. You cant remember much about your past, but then it just seems that youve lived a pretty sheltered life:You cant remember anything about the actors that you used to see. However you do remember something about the people working for the theatre company:The characters youve seen on the stage were always beautiful. So you get in touch with the director of the company:In the meantime Luke Evans has started to get a lot of attention from the media:You remember that Luke Evans once was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show:The Beast still has to come and break you out of this prison:You feel an urge to hide, but then you remember that you must try to save the world now. You have a hard time to find a way of getting the beast out from inside your body:You keep using alcohol and other drugs to put your mind at ease:You cant believe youre actually in the movie:Luke Evans has taken a more active part in the film:You find out that Luke Evans was originally going to play the Beast:You realize that if anyone can save the world its going to be Luke Evans. Luke Evanss character has grown a lot:By the time you finish your film career, youve made a name for yourself, for yourself, and for your own image. Oh, youve made your name, or rather your image as the new Mr. Sensitive, now everyone knows what it means to be Mr. After all, you used to hide and pretend to be a nice guy, but after getting famous everyone has to know what that really means.

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