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In order to post this comment, you MUST use Internet Explorer 8 or greater. If you think the new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi is going to change the way you think about these things, you have another think coming. Thats because the new episode of the franchise was also written and directed by some dude who has made a career of writing and directing films full of violence, blood and monsters. His name is Rian Johnson, who also directed a few episode of this series, and he has a track record that shows hes never made a movie without having the budget of a small country. Heres what you should really take away from this. Star Wars Is More Real Than You ThinkWe know what youre thinking: Star Wars is a fictional universe, so I would never expect it to be realistic. Well, youd be right about that, but its also been an ongoing criticism of the first two movies in the franchise. The original trilogy has never been particularly realistic, in the good way, and thats largely to do with the fact that George Lucas wrote the original scripts himself. If Lucas had allowed a real writer to take a crack at rewriting it, maybe this wouldnt be a concern. It Seems Like The New Movies Have Gone From Realism to CartoonyThats not to say that the films in the new trilogy dont have moments of realism. But they also become a lot less so as the franchise goes on. And its not just the characters either; the special effects have gotten pretty bad as well. There Are Just More of ThemThats right, there are at least 50 extra characters and monsters on screen and that doesnt even count the numerous creatures that are mentioned onscreen. Thats a real number youll see in the movie While you might think that was an issue from the original films, it seems like this trilogy is making room for new types of monsters to be added to the mix. For example, a giant, squid-like creature that you see in the first episode of the Legacy of Hate prequel movie 4. Some of the Effects Are Very Poorly DoneEven the CGI was pretty bad in some of those early episodes, but its gotten worse for the new trilogy. Even some of the creatures look like theyve been filmed on a 16mm camera. Were Used To It NowAs we mentioned, its not really the first time the series has been criticized for this. Even some modern films that the franchise was previously criticized for being too unrealistic arent as bad as this trilogy. The New Trilogy Is Also Getting Criticized As Something That Gets Rid of Classic Star Wars ElementsOne of.

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