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Celebrities who cant stop laughing Hilarious moments. The party said it would not be endorsing any other parties but would be offering financial donations to the two that it believes are most likely to win. The position was put forward by Patrick Harvie, the partys co-convenor in Scotland. It is expected that the two parties, the Conservatives and Labour, could hold a formal coalition after next years general election. Mr Harvie said: We would feel that the Greens would be a more active advocate for a yes vote, as well as being the only progressive party in Scotland to offer financial backing to the two parties that will be most likely to win a yes vote. He said the Green Party would be supporting the Brexit campaign because it was a vote against the status quo. Mr Harvie said it would help if other parties recognise that they must change how they do things, and that there must be a better way. The move comes at a time when UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour MPs are trying to forge a progressive alliance with other parties to halt the advance of the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party. Labour has promised to increase the number of party members and voters in an attempt to turn the tide of opinion in favour of a remaining in the European Union.

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