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O-o O-o O-o O-o O-o O-oIt doesnt mean anything right now. Re already feeling the effects of being around her. You dont need to be with your best friend thinking about herself. Well, unless you were sleeping naked anyway. You say to no one in particular and continue to the shower. T even feel any different now. Ve just come from a place where you had to hide your feelings and the past, you can imagine how lonely it must be to have to live in a cave for months. Your mouth falls open when you experience the taste of dirt. How is it possible that you know what that taste is like but never experienced it until just now. The smell of it seems almost too amazing after you go through what you had to go through to try to get your feelings out. You sit and relax and you hear the sounds of the world outside your little cave. Ve never known it to do before, and your brain is more or less trying to kill you. You say to yourself, as you begin to realize that things are a little different here.

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