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You go buy a new TV and get a better TVGlad you asked. You get a new TV and it finally gives you a good TV that actually works. After some time, and some money you start watching the stock market. You start with the Nasdaq, which has the lowest risk and you go up to the NASDAQ. At first, you see big names like McDonalds, American Airlines and Coca-Cola, NASDAQ:KO but soon you see names like Apple, NASDAQ:AAPL, and Microsoft, NASDAQ:MSFT, as well as more obscure companies like SemiconductorMall, NASDAQ:SEMP the company that rents out the stores used in The Sims. You watch another major stock to go up: Coca-Cola. Poors 500 goes up less than 25 points. Suddenly, Apple stock drops nearly 20 points. You dont know whats going on, but the Nasdaq price drops even more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average. You panic and call up a friend who is a small business owner and a small investor:Ive been holding off of selling my Microsoft stock and Im really starting to panic. Well, you could just sell out of Microsoft. She says that that might still be the safest bet, but you want to be a little more prudent and wait until the market bounces back, since the price of the stock can only go up. She also thinks that if the market crashes, you know a lot of other people are going to lose a lot more than you and you want to be willing to take a loss before you sell out of the stock. You sell out of the stockIts just as well you did; you sell out of the stock on the market.

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