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You need to move onYou could move on to the next big thing and use that money for a vacation and a spa treatment. Or you could try to save even more money and try to save money online. S a good opportunity to see what else there is to Ulta. And also to see if there can be a better deal elsewhere. So you sign up for Ulta and then you order a few items. When you get your order, you are impressed by the speed of delivery, and they did deliver, And then you realize that the price you are paying, for a gift for yourself, is a lot higher than you would be paying online. S a plain brown box, no note, no card. When you open the box, the first thing you see is a small bottle of sunscreen and an orange tube. T want to bore you by telling you my story. I will just say that I am a fan of horror movies and I think you are a fan of horror movies. I am not sure why that is, but it only seems right that I include my gifts under that heading. In our home, we have a small collection of horror films. The basement is not really the most chill place, but who cares right. We are currently watching The Blair Witch Project, which I assume you are a fan of. I did not expect you to be so specific, but I am happy that you were, otherwise i do not think the gift would have made it to you in time. Since I have to go now, I will leave you with one movie that i think you should watch. Your SantaAs you read the note, you realize what this Santa did to you. You are in awe of how much thought and effort went into making this gift. As you open up the first item, the sunscreen you suddenly feel the rush of cool air hit your face. You watch through the first item as you open.

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