Ulrika Jonsson defends Molly-Mae Hague over Bambis name and spending £8k on her cot

Ulrika Jonsson has come to Molly-Mae Hague’s defense after she left fans stunned for splashing over £8k on her newborn’s cot.

Molly-Mae, 23, and her partner Tommy Fury, also 23, recently welcomed their first child, taking to Instagram on Mondayto announce the birth of their daughterBambi, who was born on 23 January.

And Ulrika, 55, has called out Molly-Mae’s critics for their "envy" and said she is entitled to spend her money on whatever she wants.

Ulrika said: “She is getting trolled for calling the newborn Bambi – but I think, why not? It’s sweet enough.

“Of course, much of the criticism is based on envy. Molly-Mae is entitled to do whatever she wants with her money.”

She continued in her column for The Sun: “Mere mortals can only dream of a nursery like little Bambi’s, who will be utterly oblivious to the overindulgence surrounding her.”

Fans were shocked earlier this week when Molly-Mae gave fans a tour of her baby girl's nursery with it reported that her clear plastic cot cost the star over £8k.

One TikTok user revealed the stylish crib is currently at a price of £8,189.28, with a 40 per cent saving on the Homeloft website.

The caption read: "I was curious how much Molly and Tommy's baby's cot cost."

"Wowza!!!" one exclaimed, while another stunned fan shared in the comments: "Jaw has dropped!"

A third wrote: "It looks like a hospital cot!"

"If I had that type of money I would buy my daughter everything too. I think it's lovely," one stepped in to defend the couple.

Another fan added: "I really like the cot Molly Mae chose. I even saved it on my Pinterest the other day. But I saw someone call it a vegetable fridge drawer and now I can't unsee it."

"If they like it, that's all that matters," another agreed.

It comes after Molly-Mae was forced to turn off the comments on her latest Instagram post when she confirmed they called their daughter Bambi.

But many fans defended the new mum's decision, as some said they thought the name Bambi was "very cute" and "original".

One fan took to Twitter to write: "I hope Bambi is just a nickname and not Molly-Mae’s child’s actual name. It’s a very cute nickname but Bambi Fury is a bit of a mouthful ain’t it."

While another said: "Aww Molly-Mae’s baby is so cute and her name is Bambi."


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