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S just, the world has become an ugly place. Ve been out of the question prior to their generosity. You nod, as the man explains more about his life. You learn that his sister has been a very good student in math, and he was once in the military before that, but has since dropped out to take care of his sick mother. After a bit, a loud banging outside interrupts the pair of you. Re going to go do something fun and exciting tonight. You and the man both turn to go after hearing the loud bangs outside. The bossman stands and goes into his house, and you follow close behind. When you enter, you see a large group of men holding spears and shields standing outside, along with a man wearing a long coat and hat. He looks to be about your age, though his face is that of a grim man with an unkempt goatee. T quite make out his face because of all the men standing around. S a big man, definitely not a teenager that I know of. The soldiers all look at each other, and you immediately feel nervous about the unknown young man who was talking to them.

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