Twitter Goes WILD After Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked A Dick Pic On His Instagram!

Well, this was quite a Saturday afternoon surprise!!

Chris Evans, the beloved Captain America portrayer and certified hottie, became the number one trending topic on Twitter on September 12 after accidentally giving millions of social media followers a peek at one NSFW photo in his phone!

It all started when the 39-year-old hopped on Instagram to share a video of his family playing a round of “Heads Up,” a mobile game created by embattled TV host Ellen DeGeneres. The innocent and unedited clip Chris shared to his IG story was actually a screen recording from an iPhone and when the video ended, it showed the rest of the pics saved to the camera roll.

Though he quickly deleted it, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot several pictures of Evans, the Heads Up video, and… a photo of a penis! There’s no way of confirming who the man in the photo is though, or whose camera roll is captured in the video, but a majority of viewers definitely seem to believe that dick pic belongs to hunky Marvel star!

If you didn’t catch the snafu in real-time, we can understand if your mind is running wild like ours. But we’re happy to report that despite the internet’s eternal thirst for the Knives Out star, loyal fans flooded his name’s hashtag with wholesome images of him to stop the clip from spreading — which is totally awesome!

It’d be totally gross and frowned upon if the internet did this to a woman  — remember Jennifer Lawrence? Vanessa Hudgens? — so, we respect the same energy being kept when it comes to a man. One of THE hottest men in Hollywood albeit… but we digress! See one of the supportive messages here:

One of the accidental photos did eventually get circulated, though! It was a meme-worthy shot of Chris’ face with the words “guard that p***y” written across it. You can see it included in this tweet from a fan who joked about it (below):

Like we mentioned, most people opted not to reshare the alleged pic, but others continued to thirst over Chris and poke fun at the whole ordeal!


OMG. This is too much, LOLz! It was only this past year that Chris joined the platform and we hope this incident doesn’t scare him off. We love those adorable moments with his dog way too much to see that happen!

Reactions to all of this, Perezcious readers? Wild, isn’t it? Let us know what you’re thinking (below) in the comments section!

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