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You are going to be happy here, dont you see. You quickly pull out your phone and check the time. Alright, Im ready when you are, you say. I need to go, she says, then walks out the tent. You grab your phone and check the time again, then head to take a shower. When you return, she looks at you, then sighs. You stay in the tent after the showerAlright, you say. She nods, smiles, and kisses you on the cheek, then heads to go do her things. You take another shower, then fall asleep in your tent. You awake in the morning to find two new messages. Mom comes back out from the tent after a few moments. Well, then well see you later. Lets just go in the truck, you say, heading inside the tent. You quickly get ready, and head inside the tent. While you get in, Mom quickly grabs your backpack, pulling out a small bag and putting it on the backseat. She then quickly runs to the drivers seat, and starts the truck up. You sit in the backseat, and you hear the small engine whir and growl. While she goes into the drivers side, you grab your phone and start checking the time. You immediately notice how bright the sun is, how the sky is clear, and how the clouds are blue. All of it reminds you of the sky over your hometown. You turn off the trucks stereo, and wait with a smile until Mom returns. The sky is clear, the sky is blue, a rainbow forms in the sky, and you watch as the clouds are shaped in a circle.

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